If You’re Going To Read One Article About Job Hunting, Make It This One.

Mindaugas Petrutis

Looking for a new job isn't easy at the best of times. Things just aren't that straightforward anymore, whether you are a graduate, junior, someone with a mixed experience or someone looking to change careers. With so much information out there it certainly is hard to figure out what or who to listen to.

So what do you do when you’re left constantly scratching your head while browsing one job opening after another because it does not match up with your qualifications? Or when you just keep receiving the same automated message and nothing else? Below are some of my ideas, tips and tricks which may help you land that elusive job. Please feel free to let me know any tips that you might have from your own experience.

I’ve spoken to a whole host of jobseekers in the past few weeks. Whether they be recent graduates or experienced professionals, this is the advice that I give them when the conventional methods aren’t getting them anywhere:

1. Get organised. Treat this like a project. Do some research, make a list of some companies you would love to work for. Find some people who could be in a hiring position working for those companies. (CTOs, senior managers, head of..etc.).

2. Linkedin is a powerful research and networking tool, if used correctly. Try to connect with people who might be in a position to hire, even if there aren't any live jobs advertised.

3. Go to events, meetups, meet people, offer your services for free - that might not be ideal right now but will help you in the long run. As well as being something to put on your CV, they may take you on or recommend to someone else if you do a good job. You might also meet someone on your target company or contact list!

4. Consider offering your services to startups; they are always looking for help so be proactive and declare your interest in helping them. Again, this might ingratiate you enough that somewhere down the road they will think of you when they are hiring.

5. Volunteer in your field of interest. Employers view volunteering as an extremely positive thing on your CV and it shows that you are passionate and doing something with your time.

Most importantly, don't let the job search get you down. Get organised, set goals, research, persevere. Don't hesitate to drop me a line if I can help with anything, mindaugas@sketchlabs.io

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