Product Design Lead


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Our mission is to revolutionise how the world’s top companies find and hire extraordinary people. 

We believe in starting from first principles, combining value proposition design with exceptional product to solve tech’s biggest problem: Access To Talent.

What’s the opportunity?

We believe in working as a team to build a professional structure that empowers exceptional people with the resources they need to deliver groundbreaking results. Design is central to everything we do at Mustard, and your work will be crucial for our strategic growth over the coming months and years. Working closely with our Head of Product, our CEO and a small team of highly skilled engineers, you will have the opportunity to have complete creative control over product design at a commercially successful, high potential startup.

What will you be doing?

Leading the design of our products, from high-level strategic design right through to specific user flows, to ship product at a world-beating level. 

Setting vision for the user experience, as well as implementing that vision through to completed product designs.

Crafting the structure for others to collaborate on that vision. 

Improving product design theory at Mustard, using logic to dramatically improve the design decisions being made in the company. 

Maintaining and enhancing a design-led culture in Mustard, as well as having complete control over the Mustard visual identity.


Will live and breath exceptional product design. 

Can collect and analyse complex information from multiple sources to inform design decisions. 

Can articulate complex design theory, and can explain the logic behind their decisions clearly. 

Will easily switch between thinking analytically and creatively. 

Have 3+ years experience as a senior-level Product Designer. 

Keep pushing until high standards are reached. 

Can easily collaborate with engineers and other team members. 

Love shipping quality product. 

Will crave feedback to continuously improve your work. 

Are an expert in either UI, UX, or visual design, but skilled in multiple product design principles.

Bonus Experience:

HTML5 / CSS3 AngularJS / Recruitment / HR Tech

Working in a growth stage startup