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"It was surprising to find out that the Sketch Labs approach to recruitment resembles our design process – they didn't flood our inboxes with CVs to sift through, but took their time to understand who we were really looking for and what type of an organisation Kooba was. 

We ended up hiring one of the candidates that contacted us through the jobs board, and were really impressed how they hit the ground running, and how quickly they became a Kooba designer."

Igor Kochajkiewicz, Head of Design @ Kooba
"When we decided to expand our design team we had one problem; many designers would not have heard of nearForm. We approached Sketch Labs to help us reach the right people and get us noticed in a competitive designer hiring market. Their help with refining our job ad, and involvement/reach with thriving design communities is what provided us with excellent candidates in only a couple of weeks time. For our next design hire we will definitely work with the Sketch Labs team again."

                                           Jeff Simons, Senior UX Designer @ nearForm
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